15 11 / 2012

If you have broken a limb and are experiencing acute and temporary mobility issues you are injured.

Not disabled.

Not crippled.

Those words (especially the last) are only to be used by persons with disabilities who want to reclaim them.

Got it?


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    wouldn’t that be a temporary disability, though? It *would* be questionable to say “I’m disabled” about a broken arm,...
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    we’ve gotta keep preaching so that we continue to make space for each other’s complicated relationships to dis/ability....
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    Posting this feels a little like preaching to a choir, but so be it.
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    This is why I hesitate to reclaim that word for myself because my physical limitations are just that, limitations, not...
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    Yes. When I was younger, I was afraid of the word “cripple”, because of what the doctors told me I’d be. I was in...
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