15 2 / 2014

World Love for Dolphins Day February 14th Toronto

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians, and Sea Shepherd USA organised events at different Japanese consulates and the Japanese Embassy in the United States, while Sea Shepherd Ontario West organised one in Toronto.

These demonstrations were in honour of the 20 000 dolphins that are slaughtered each year from May through September in Taiji, Japan. The fishermen use “banger boats” which interupt the sonar the dolphins use to communicate with one another, thus confusing them into swimming into the “Cove” where they are netted off from the rest of the ocean. Usually an entire Pod is trapped, including elders, babies, and pregnant mothers. The Pod is then herded into more shallow waters where the slaughter occurs. Since the film, killing methods have been altered to reduce the amount of blood that ends up in the water. Now the dolphins are murdered by having a metal rod pushed into their spinal cords which is then replaced with a wooden plug that is hammered into the hole/wound. While the inseration of this rod sometimes causes death, it often just causes paralysis, meaning the dolphins are still very much aware of what is happening to them, and to their family members. They are then towed by their tails to the “gutting barge”. Most of them slowly drown while they are being towed. However, for those that did not die via the inseration of the rod, or drowning, they die by being cut open and having their organs removed. In no way is any part of this process “humane”.

While there is some profit in dolphin meat, the FU makes most of its proft off trapping a few live dolphins from the Pod who will then be sent to marine parks all over the globe. In other words, There is a direct connection between the ticket you may buy to a marine park (such as “Marine Land”, “Sea World”. etc) and the brutal slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent dolphins every year. 

This is reason alone to boycott all marine parks!

Photo credit to Vanessa Sarges.

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